Jim Breuer

A stand-up comedian since his college days on Long Island, NY, Jim Breuer worked in comedy clubs around the country for several years before deciding to try to become a regular on the NYC comedy club circuit. After only seven months in the city, he landed a gig on the nationally syndicated show “Uptown Comedy Club”, where he spent two seasons. He joined NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” in 1995, becoming best known for his original character ‘Goat Boy’ and his Joe Pesci impression in the recurring “Joe Pesci Show” sketch.

Other characters have included ex-porn star Don Wong and Glen the older brother of Azrael Abyss, who co-hosts the fictional cable access show “Goth Talk”. (The comedian left the show during the summer of 1998). Breuer headlined his own special “Pulp Comics: Jim Breuer” (Comedy Central, 1997) and that network tapped him to host “Premium Blend” in 1998. Despite the limitations of the “Half Baked” (1997) material, he drew praise in his feature debut for giving a decent impression of someone stoned (a character he often employs in his stand-up routines). His second film, the Watergate-era “Dick” (1999), cast him as White House counsel John Dean alongside fellow “SNL”-ers Ana Gasteyer and Will Ferrell.